Heiesuke Oda

Heiesuke Oda

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First Name * Heiesuke
Last Name * Oda
Username * heiesuke
Country * United States
City Long Island
Nationality American, other
Languages EnglishJapanese



Availability: Freelance
Website heiesuke.com


Heiesuke is an illustrator, painter, photo-retouch artist, graphic artist, comic book colorist/cover artist and all around creative dude. He likes to draw and paint all kinds of subject matter, especially beautiful femmes. Heiesuke has been a professional illustrator and graphic designer since 2000, retouch artist since 2003 but has been drawing ever since he can remember. He recalls getting into digital painting over 6 years ago at the behest of a coworker. So on his very first computer a G4 Mac, with a copy of Photoshop installed, the pinup affair began. His idols were artists like Norman Rockwell, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Simon Bisley, local urban and graffiti artists that tagged up that walls around his neighborhood, and finally countless Comic book and Anime artists.

Hailing from just outside NYC, NY, Heiesuke grew up in a culturally diverse melting pot, which may explain his lust for illustrating multi-cultural and multi-ethnic people and things. You will find all sorts of "different" things in the details of Mr. Oda's artwork, don't blink or you just may miss them. He strives to give each piece a sense of character and with his pinups his goals are to create euphoric sexiness without going overboard in eroticism. Heiesuke has done work for magazines, comics, music artists, websites and feels his stock is on the rise as he has dedicated himself to become a mainstream name.
Self taught, he studied via books and observation and practiced to gain the skills necessary to illustrate the type of things he dreamed of as a child. He believes that all artists are naturally self taught. The gift is God given, but what separates the good from the average is the passion and love for the craft. But what makes greatness is the ambition to be as good as possible and to progress daily via hard work, experimentation and inspiration.


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